He’s Sexy, Successful & Has Cerebral Palsy


He is sizzling hot and so inspiring! Terry Moorer has cerebral palsy and is partially deaf in his right ear, yet he learned to exert his own power early on. When Terry was born his mother suddenly came down with German measles and was told blatantly by doctors, “Put him in a nursing home.” They thought because of his condition, he would never live a productive life. After hearing such unnerving news Terry’s mother wept as she pushed him through Brooklyn.Spending a majority of his young life between cramped walls of a hospital, Terry received over 10 surgeries, including one to lengthen his heel cord. All along his inner power was brewing, waiting to come to the surface.

One of his vivid memories was when he was eleven years old.  Terry had his eye on a particular young lady and mistakenly tripped and fell on the cafeteria floor. All eyes were on him as he lay in the middle of the floor. He felt their silent stares. Humiliated, Terry slowly stood up with his head bowed and walked out of the room.

““When you are disabled. You go through many emotions. I was angry at God, angry at my self, I went through the “why me” stage. I thought I did something wrong in a past life and then I came into acceptance and finally appreciation.  I am at a point in my life. 50 years later. I’m happy being me.”

That was one of the worst days of his life. Later that evening, Terry’s father quickly realized something was bothering his son and asked him about it. Terry candidly told his father what had happened. Unbeknownst his father asked him the greatest question, “Did you get up?”

An eleven year old Terry peered up at his father with a strange leer and uttered “of course I got up.” His father shared with his young son, “that’s what’s most important when you fell you got up.” After hearing those words he felt the weight of the day lifting and his inner power grew, Terry remembered what his father told him. After all of these things Terry’s spirit was not broken. There was a voice inside that pushed him to be great. As time commenced Terry’s love for music flourished and after hearing “no” so many times Terry finally found himself working at Evergreen Recording Studio in Upper Manhattan. Years later: he shares his amazing journey in excerpts:

“I was out in LA during a showcase for one of my groups that I was a publicist for and I spent most of my time at rehearsal studios. During the rehearsal, I was able to meet Madonna earlier that week and now one of the label executives was walking into the studio with another artist who was a rising star. The Virgin records label executive at the time was Gemma Corfield and she came in with a petite young lady who was short, and shoulder length hair. She wore jeans, sneakers and oversized sweatshirt and she really didn’t say much. I was given an introduction and tried to make small talk. But this young star stood awkwardly on the other side of Gemma and avoided eye contact with me. I wasn’t sure if she was thrown off by disability or if that was just her personality. I’ve often think about that encounter that took place on a sunny day in LA and I wonder if I had a chance to meet her again, would the meeting be different? Would she be more open to talk, be a little more outgoing and friendly? Every time I watch her on TV, I think of the chance meeting with her that was a little weird.

Her name is Paula Abdul.”

“In the mid 80″s -She was a young rising rapper, I was a young rising publicist and he was her bodyguard. We had a short business trip to Los Angeles for a few days and at some point, before we left New York, someone in the group had the crazy idea that we should all get tattoos while we were on the west coast. The day that we landed in LA, the young rap star was having wisdom tooth problems and it was clear that trip to LA would be cut short. She searched for a dentist in Cali and had the tooth removed. In pain and under medications, we rescheduled a flight back home the same day. But there was a problem. Our flight wasn’t leaving to go back to New York until late that evening. What would we do with the extra hours we had??? Well…We went and got tattoos. We found Sunset Strip Tattoos on Sunset Blvd., the same place Johnny Depp got his tattoo at. I got an angel on my right shoulder, the rap star received a heart on her hand and the bodyguard got a teddy bear on his arm. I’ll never forget that flight back home as she sat on the plane with her mouth full of gauges, sleeping under her medications. She was knocked out!! I’ve known her since she was 16. I love her for life and she is like a sister to me.

Her name is MC Lyte.”

Moorer received a myriad of gold and platinum album awards for the Mo Money soundtrack featuring Janet Jackson, gold record for the Self Destruction project, platinum record award for the Lion and the Cobra by Sinead O’Connor. He also received numerous awards for working with artists who reached the billboard top 10 like Queen Latifah.

Moorer was invited to the White House to see President Obama and re-sign the Americans with Disability Act. He expresses,”

I was invited to the White House to see President Obama, re-sign the Americans with Disability Act. Sitting on the front lawn in front of the White House. I couldn’t help but imagine all of the past presidents that walk the ground. As I looked up at the White House and saw the different rooms it was a little overwhelming to know that people like John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Bill Clinton and Franklin D Roosevelt actually been in this area. It was a very rewarding experience to be there. The event was captured with the performance by Patti LaBelle and then President Obama coming out to speak. And seeing him no more than 20 yards away.

Today as an activist and motivational speaker he shares his message of transformation across the country at disability conferences, universities and private events hosted by sports companies like the Atlanta Hawks. Terry has proven that tenacity and exerting your inner power is the elixir to a fulfilling life



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