How Your Trapped Emotions Can Lead to Chronic Disease


Thoughts and emotions are a normal part of daily life. Based on our past experiences and deeply ingrained subconscious beliefs, emotions are how we face the world, and an internal force that can improve or adversely affect our health.

Unfortunately, emotions that are not processed or “dealt with” become “trapped” both physically and psychologically and may cause us pain and over time, chronic disease. Trapped emotions caused by pain or suffering are often too strong to be processed completely and this negative emotional energy becomes trapped and festers and grows. These are frequently “negative” emotions rage and anger, frustration, resentment, sorrow and sadness.

These unprocessed negative emotions become “trapped” in your body you will continue to feel that emotion as long as it is trapped. As an example, if the trapped emotion is sadness, and a new situation arises causing sadness, you will become sad and depressed much more readily than you otherwise would. You are sad internally, at your core, and this growing sadness will consume you emotionally and physically.

Over time, this negative energy causes imbalances within your body and will result in physical symptoms including anxiety, mood swings, depression, suicidal thoughts, and eventually inflammation and congestion that promote chronic diseases like arthritis, obesity and diabetes.

To compound matters, we are taught to suppress our emotions and uncomfortable “feelings” to deny them, avoid discussing them or even drink or medicate them away. You may even mistakenly believe that you have dealt with the emotion when you have only buried and repressed it. We become tired and exhausted from running away from our emotions and this frustration adds to the negative internal imbalance.

Some emotions are too intense and painful to be dealt with. Loss of a loved one, betrayal, abandonment, physical or emotional abuse are overwhelming and too difficult to process at the time they occur. Your body shuts down and represses these painful emotions as a method of self protection. Again, these repressed and trapped feelings fester and grow, changing the energy within your body and physically changing the chemistry within. You have probably experienced this manifestation when you suffer chest pains or abdominal distress after an emotional blow.

Deal with your emotions and improve your health. Facing your fears and feelings will prevent the buildup of dangerous negative energy within your body. Process these emotions by:

  • Exploring Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT, a collection of alternative medicine approaches to release these trapped feelings and emotions.
  • Exercise. Exercise releases tension and manages stress, relaxes you and releases endorphins that can help improve your mood and emotional state. Consider adding yoga, Pilates and massage therapy to your healthy lifestyle.
  • Clean up your diet. Junk food, fast foods, trans fats and sugars add to the inflammation and negative energy in your body. A more natural diet will provide more energy, improve your mood and help you return to a leaner, more healthy balance.
  • Sound sleep. Healthy sleep patterns allow your body to rest, repair and recover.

Face your feelings and emotions, they are what makes us human and help us experience life. Learn to process these emotions, both good and bad. Without the “negative” emotions, we would not understand the value of the “positive” emotions that fill our lives with joy and happiness.


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