Is Work Eating Away at Your Happiness? Here Are Five Ways to Combat Work Anxiety


We spend nearly one third of our lives at work worrying about deadlines, co-workers and trying to please the Boss. We also fear layoffs and cut backs, too little (or too much) overtime, meeting performance expectations, or meeting bills.

So for many of us, our jobs are a major cause of anxiety leading to chronic stress and even anxiety disorders. While it’s commendable to work hard and achieve those work related goals, keep in mind that the true purpose of working is to support a happy home life. One way to live a happy life in the office and later at home is to manage stress and incorporate these strategies to overcome work anxiety:

1. Take Pride In Your Work – Regardless of your job or career, be the best you can be, take pride in your work. If you manufacture widgets, make them better, faster or more creatively than anyone else. Quality work builds self-esteem and reduces anxiety.

2. Avoid Negativity – There are those among your coworkers that are only happy when they share their negative thoughts and feelings. If they are unhappy, so should you be. This negativity breeds doubt, uncertainty, stress and anxiety but is easily avoided. Think positively.

3. Be Realistic – You are only one person and can do only so much. Set boundaries, ask for help when you need it and if you’re in charge, learn to delegate. Focus on that which you can control, stop stressing about the many things that you can’t control. Strive to do the best you can, but realize that the result may not be perfect. Letting go of perfectionism will greatly reduce your anxiety level.

4. Plan And Execute – Learn to prioritize, make to-do lists and set deadlines. Practice time management and get organized. Do things right the first time and you will be more efficient and less stressed than if you must redo your work. This combination of planning and organization will allow you to complete tasks on time and avoid the need to take you work (and stress) home with you.

5. Take Care Of Yourself – A healthy body and lifestyle can better handle stress. Eat right, exercise more, take breaks, naps and get enough rest and restful sleep at night. Learn to reduce and relieve stress through exercise and yoga. Exercise also releases endorphins which relieve pain and stress and improve your mood. Limit your sugar and caffeine intake, and avoid excess alcohol. A healthy, fit body can handle any challenge.


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