How Negativity Affects Us, Our Planet, And What We Can Do About It


The World around us is made of energy, both positive and negative. We create these energies by our thoughts and actions and transfer these energies to those around us in much the same way. But how do our emotions and energies affect the planet?

When we share emotions and energies, whether intentional or not, they affect those we come in contact with. Negative energies breed additional negativity and soon grow exponentially as each newly contacted individual in turn contacts others. Eventually growing to affect the “mass consciousness” of your friends, neighborhood, city, and so on. When the vast majority are thinking with negative thoughts and emotions they eventually negatively affect the entire planet. Is it possible to change or improve this group consciousness? Yes, but first you must focus your positive emotions and energy for the good of all and not waste thought or energy on the negative. Even seemingly harmless activities like violent movies, videogames and television promote negative energy. These same violent entertainment options numb people to the true horror of violence. Your choice of music also affects positive or negative vibrations and energies. Sad or angry music produces sad or angry energy and feeds the negativity of your family and social group. Want to stop the flow of negativity?

Start by changing your actions and monitoring your thoughts, with constant attention you can control the vibrations that you send out to the world. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people and energy. Stop playing “the victim” and placing blame on others for negative things that happen to you. Change your outlook and make good things happen to you and those around you. This could be as simple as changing the type of movies you watch or music you listen to.

Here are seven action steps to change the way you look at life and the World around you:

1. Turn off the news (or the television in general) there is no profit in broadcasting “good” news and the media rarely does. These programs contain only negative images and energies.

2. Learn to manage and release your anger, jealousy and similar negative emotions.

3. Learn to love and accept yourself and stop comparing yourself to others.

4. Take responsibility, and stop blaming others.

5. Visualize the life you want and what you desire, but focus on what you have and be thankful.

6. Do the “right” thing, not the “easy” thing or what others tell you to do.

7. Once you begin to change your thoughts, you will begin to change your life. If each of us takes steps to shake off negative energy and attract and share positive energies, the effects will spread throughout the populous and together we will create a better planet for everyone, but this change begins with making positive improvements in our individual lives. You can be part of changing the World – today!


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