WBLS DJ Doctor Bob Lee Inspires a Nation With New Book “Your Daily Dose of Quotes and Anecdotes”


Doctor Bob Lee, renowned WBLS radio DJ, is sharing lifelong lessons in new book Your Daily Dose of Quotes and Anecdotes. With a career in music and community organizing spanning over thirty years, he is presently the Community Affairs Director for WBLS and founder of Make The Grade Foundation which is a non-profit organization that facilitates and encourages academic achievement among youth.  

Lee has spent years providing live reports on the morning show from various WBLS-sponsored community events, and has interviewed such musical greats as Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige. Your Daily Dose of Quotes and Anecdotes, his sophomore book follows 7 Ways to Make the Grade. In his new book, he expresses what must be done by individuals to create an abundant life by introducing seven principles. This book from front to back is a pure gem. Many of Lee’s favorite quotes from Confucius to Barack Obama have been intimately woven with his own experiences to create a tapestry of wisdom. 

When asked what drove him to write the book, Doctor Bob Lee wholeheartedly expressed, “we should all have a hand in the edification of young minds, to help motivate, inspire, share words of wisdom to help students Make the Grade.”

Lee candidly shares what it takes to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. In Your Daily Dose of Quotes and Anecdotes, he synthesizes wisdom from various sources like the Bible and explains how it can be applied to everyday life. Doctor Bob Lee’s commitment to children and the community is awe-inspiring and comes full circle in “Your Daily Dose of Quotes and Anecdotes.”

Lee’s hope for his readers is to be inspired by the quotes selected. There is something for everyone in this book and a prevailing message for young people to “continue to dream big and strive for something they believe in, so they can make the grade. Your Daily Dose of Quotes and Anecdotes, can be purchased for personal reading, schools, churches and all who need a boost of inspiration. Please go to amazon to pick your copy up today.




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