GOING GLOBAL: 10 Black Men Share Experiences Working Abroad


Going Global – A look inside the lives of 10 men who live and work abroad. In 2017, Jason Etheridge, a passionate motivation speaker, mentor, and educator asked a select group of men to share stories of their journey living and working overseas.

He asked that they each share what was in their hearts and minds.

The rest is Legacy!

‘Going Global: The Life-Changing Experiences of 10 Black Men’ is a collection of fascinating and eye-opening stories written by a diverse group of men who possess a delicate blend of courage, conviction, and faith. Each author lives and works in either Dubai or Abu Dhabi and allows the reader inside their lives abroad, and the different perspectives they have.

This book will take you on an interesting ride through 10 authentic and transparent journeys of personal growth, love, healing, rejuvenation, and how to live your best life outside of America. It is sure to be uplifting and empowering.

The reader will be ready for a life-changing move and feel charged to explore life in another country!

Released on Amazon.com March 1st.

For multiple copies of Going Global, contact Marna Taylor at 412-608-6212 or marnamtaylor@gmail.com


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